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We vote YES for fresh fruits in schools, but when the time comes to serve fruit cups, please consider Nu-Health!

We are proud to offer you and your students our nutritious and delicious Tropical Fruit Cups, alongside USDA fruit cups, which present significant savings when compared to competitive commercial suppliers.

To feel comfortable that you are being the best steward of taxpayer money, while not sacrificing the quality of produce offerings for your kids, please keep this information on hand.

Nu-Health Mandarin Orange & Pineapple tropical fruits primarily come from overseas. School Food Authorities are required to keep detailed records which will assist in validating exceptions under the Buy American provision.

1.   Non-availability  Tropical fruits such as Pineapple and Mandarin Orange are not grow or available domestically in sufficient quantity. According to the USDA, both canned fruits do not require any specific waiver as these fruits are not grow enough in the U.S. as well as bananas and other tropical fruits.

2.   Prices By offering factory prices for direct ship as well provide lowest prices through your preferred food distributor, Nu-Health Mandarin Orange and Pineapple fruit cups are priced significantly lower than other fruit cups offered by competitive suppliers

Please contact us to obtain detailed documentation to help justify your purchase of Nu-Health products.

NU-Health Fruits & U.S. Economy
By purchasing NU-Health tropical fruits schools support many industries and jobs in America
as well save Taxpayers money

NU-Health indirectly support US farmers and many other industries and jobs in America by paying custom tariffs and other related fees when importing fruits to the US.

Large chunks of the custom tariffs going to the USDA programs to fund US farmers with numerous subsidies, as well with NU-Health you support U.S. custom agencies and brokers, workers in ports, truck drivers, local small business and vendors, local and state distributors, rail roads, other government agencies as well NU-Health employees.



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