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Living in the 21st century life can be hectic, and like many of you, making fresh meals several time a day is almost impossible. Which is why we rely so heavily on snacks. With NU Health Fruits uniquely packaged products , you can indulge without feeling guilty. Our snacks are made with very best nature has to offer. With only grade-a fruit, and no harmful preservatives or filers, you can trust that NU Health Fruit cups are a healthy snacking alternative. We proudly invite you to taste one of our delicious fruit cups which come in a variety of flavors.

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Eco Friendly

Convenient snacks for busy families on the go who are looking for delicious alternatives at breakfast, in lunchboxes or snacks wherever life takes place.


Always Fresh

The refreshing bright flavor of our Drinkable Fruit™ is always picked the peak of every season from family farmers around the world. 

Students Love NU Health Fruit

Found in cafeterias coast-to-coast in schools large and small, NU Health Fruit barrels are the student fruit cup of choice, because of our appealing and attractive graphics that encompass the entire BPA-Free plastic jar. Nutrition Directors love the Grade-A quality, hand-selected fruit packed in 100% fruit juice with no preservatives or added sugar. Used for Breakfast in the Classroom, Cafeteria, Al-a-Carte, after-school snacks, field trips, and emergency meals; NU Health Fruit fits any menu planners needs.


“Perfect snack! Great combination of fruits and juice! VERY tasty.”


“My new favorite snack 💯. As a full time college student, this little jar is perfect on the go. My friends seem to like them too 😎 !!”


“This is such and amazing yet affordable and healthy option for when on the go! As a mom of of 4 and full time worker this has become my go to healthy snack! Absolutely love them. Also great for the kids to snack on those long drives.!!”


“Omgggg!!!! Found my new favorite snack!!! These things are great on the go, especially when we hit the dog park 😀😃😄.”


“I am currently on a really strict fitness regiment , to just to get my health in order and sowmtimes when I’m on a run, or even working out I tend to forget to drink or even eat enough fruits this is perfect on the go or at home I always have a source of fuel and vitamins. Great product and very convient since I am still working during the day its hard to balance everything and the I can just take one or two with me during the day or a night when I go for runs just to have some extra healthy snacks throughout the day.”

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